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(UPDATED) Sony US has the RX100 in Stock. And so European stores.

[shoplink 12908 ebay][/shoplink]

I know it’s not an Alpha Mount or NEX camera but many here (including me) like that Sony camera a lot. And finally you can find it in Stock in USA and Europe too. Here is the list:

In Stock at Amazon (aftertomorrow!), [shoplink 12908 ebay]Sony Store (Click here)[/shoplink] and [shoplink 12910 ebay]Deals100 on eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].

In Stock at Jessops (Click here), [shoplink 12911 ebay]UKbnSuk eBay (Click here)[/shoplink], [shoplink 12913 ebay]Foto Neuber Germany (Click here)[/shoplink], [shoplink 12914 ebay]Foto Schilling Germany (Click here)[/shoplink], [shoplink 12912 ebay]Vodata Belgium (Click here)[/shoplink].

In Stock at Digitalrev (Click here) and Amazon Japan (Click here).

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