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Sony’s new “Creators’ App” is now available. In Spring we will get firmware updates for the α7R V, FX3, FX30


Press release:

​Today we are pleased to inform you that the “Creators’ App” is now available. ​

“Creators’ App” is an app of Sony’s cloud production platform “Creators’ Cloud” for individuals, and the app acts as an extension of a camera to upload, view, and manage photo and video content shot on select Sony cameras, and stored in the cloud.

You can find more details and download “Creators’ App” from the website below.

As for Creators’ Cloud storage, users can enjoy free 5GB of cloud storage for any user with a Sony Account, free 25GB of cloud storage for owners of selected Sony cameras.

*At time of launch, video and image transmission from cameras to cloud via smartphones with the “Creators’ App” and camera remote control functions will be compatible with α7 IV, ZV-1F. Spring 2023: α7R V, FX3, FX30 will need software update respectively.

So the α7R V, FX3, FX30 will get a firmware update in Spring. I am surprised there is no mention of the A1.

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