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(SR1) A7sIII and A7000 specs


Just for fun. Here are two rumor with only 1% chance to be true as it comes from first time anonymous sources. Only very rarely those kind of rumors turn out to be true. But for the sake of our clickbait instinct :) we post them here in this SR1 post:

Source 1:

the a7s iii to be realeased in 2020 then sony decided to anounce it in q4 2019. the camera is fantastic 15.4 mpx sensor capable of 5k recording organic sensor 0 rolling schutter 10 bit 422 and a big surprise..

Source 2

The a6900 will be the connecting element between the A7 and the a 6000 lineup.
It will have IBIS and a staggering 40MP Sensor (7680×5120) to feature 8k video recording.
The price point of this camera is to be just below 2000$

The new APS lens is a 10x zoom 14-140mm f3.5-6.5

If one of them turns out to be true I would surely be happy!

If the A6900 (or A7000 or whatever the name will be) has indeed 8K I would be really surprised! 40MP on APS-C seems like an overkill but the question now is:

Would you consider to buy a new A6900 (or A7000) with 40Mp, 8K, IBIS and price of $2,000?

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