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(SR2) Sony camera roadmap by Gustav :)


We just found this post inside the dpreview forum:
Gustav (Kingfisher on Photoclubalpha, ijsvogel on Dyxun), from the Netherlands) has long impressed me with his astute and well-informed predictions about future Alpha cameras….he is in contact with fairly high-ranking Sony Alpha European officials, so when he makes predictions he speaks with some level of authority. He was largely on the money with regard to the A550, for example.

And “Gustav” made following predictions:

Sony will introduce an A450 and many p&s cameras at CES.

The A700 successor
Sony will then introduce the “amazing” A7xx in May–reserving the 700 level, as Minolta did, for ground-breaking technology.

Sprinkled throughout the year, Sony will introduce as many as ten new lenses, including several that will help to position some of the new Alphas as excellent journalist, sports, action, wildlife cameras, and several to help fill out other gaps. Some of them will be optimized for video.

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