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(SR2) First possible A99 video specs (Amazing if true!).


The Chinese website Xjrumo (Translation here) posted some super interesting rumor. Our Chinese reader Leafye translated the text for us (Thanks). But before to read keep in mind that this rumor has yet to be confirmed (or denied) by trusted sources. I post this here in the hope they will react soon and send me some info.

These are the first complete A99 video specs. It almost sounds too good to be true:

1) AVCHD2.0 format ,below 1080p it have the Bit rate of 50Mpbs,4:2:2Sampling (other model coming next year has 4:2:0)
2) 1080P with the highest 120fps,at 720P, the highest is 240FPS
3) MP4 format still 35Mbps
4) center focus all the lens can use the biggest Aperture. others still F3.5
5) except P model, A,S model can also auto-focus but M model still MF
6) 4 times zoom in during 1080P can be captured
7) multi-recording can take a 2.4Megapixels during recording
8.) HDMI can be Non-destructive Output new shoe can fit the wireless(bluetooth) mic
9) except the high speed model,other model Maximum recording time is 29min 59s
10) Time code support


What do you think of it? HDMI non destructive output….50MPs bitrate, 4:2:2 Sampling….Crossing my finger this is real!!!!

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