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(SR2) Sony A920 with 32 Megapixel sensor


There is an almost impossible rumor posted by Photorumors. According to one of their sources Sony will announce a new Fullframe camera in August with 32 Megapixel sensor, 7fps and and Dual Bionz processor. There are no more info than what I posted here. Why do I say that this is an almost impossible rumor? I heard from my sources that Sony will release the translucent Fullframe camera in 2012 only. The [shoplink 3028]Sony A850[/shoplink] has been discontinued and the [shoplink 3032]A900[/shoplink] should see some price drops soon. Of course it would make a lot of sense for Sony to release a new FF camera soon. But you know, Sony product strategy and development doesn’t necessary follow our “common sense”. Otherwise the A77 would be here since almost a year, the NEX lens roadmap would contain a couple of awesome pancakes and so on :)

Anyway, I don’t want to destroy your hopes. Let’s assume the A920 rumor is real, than I can imagine that this is just an updated version of the current [shoplink 3032]A900[/shoplink]. Same body, no translucent technology (yes OVF) and basic video quality. It would give Sony some time for the development of the fullframe cameras. Let’s see…

Links to current Sony fullframe cameras:
Sony A850 at [shopcountry 3028] Sony A900 at [shopcountry 3032]

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