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(SR2) Couple of new RX100mV rumors. Switching to UFS cards?


I got two new info about the possible next RX100mV launch. Particularly the second source shared some great info:

Source 1:

“the RX100 mark V will announced once the Kumamoto fab is fully operational and putting out the necessary newly designed sensors”

Source 2:

“The new compact and high speed Sony camera (RX100 V) will switch from SD Card to UFS Card storage. The card size is similar to microSD saveing space in the camera body and the speed increased to up to 600MB/s enabling longer slowmo Videos and higher FPS shooting. Sony will if this is succesful also use this format in future higher class cameras”

Androidauthority just recently wrote an article highlighting the advantages of the new UFS cards. Of course there is the smaller size compared to SD cards. But the UFS cards are also much faster and do consume less energy:

That would be really a smart move from Sony!

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