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(SR3) Kodak to sell the CMOS sensor business. Leica-Sony partnership rumors (again!).


It’s not a secret anymore that Kodak will deifnitely close their CMOS sensor business. The news reinforces the rumor about the possible Leica and Sony sensor partnership. According to Leica is working on a fullframe mirrorless system and they need CMOS sensors (not CCD!) for optimal liveview performance. So will Leica use Sony sensors?
Sony already stated that a fullframe NEX is an “option” and the rumored Leica-Sony partnership would create a top of the notch system! Imagine that, Leica and Zeiss fullframe lenses+Sony sensor performance. Who can keep up with that system? Canon, Nikon? No chance!

P.S.: The fullframe mirorrless Leica will be a [shoplink 5501]Leica M9[/shoplink] styled camera without rangefinder and cost 1.500 less! (So I have been told by my sources!)

Useful links:
– Leica M mount lenses at [shoplink 5182]eBay[/shoplink] – Leica M9 at [shopcountry 5502]

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