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(SR3) Some more detailed A-and E-mount rumor by an anonymous source.


An anonymous sources who claims to be in contact directly with Sony Japan told me the following tidbits about Sony A and E-mount development. As usual with new sources take the info with a grain of salt and as a chance to discuss the content based on that hypothetic scenario:

1) The a-mount will keep going with the existing lenses. Sony will support those lenses.

2) The engineers have 6 prototypes for new (A-mount) cameras.  Two are very different than previous cameras, but are in early stages and would take much longer to develop.  The other four are refreshes of current cameras.  NOTE: he said definitely not all of these will be made.

3) The engineers feel management was disappointed in the A77ii.  They feel it was a mistake to keep the same shape because people didn’t know it was very different.  Almost all components in A77ii were new.  For that reason, they are looking at new designs for anything else they come out with, but new designs take longer to make and more money and durability testing.

4) There are more e-mount lenses coming, and some a-mount lenses will be upgraded.

5) The engineers have not heard of a new 24-105 for a-mount.  Might be for e-mount.  There have not been prototypes of a-mount lenses since CZ50, but lenses are designed elsewhere and there might be more — not sure.

6) Management feels a-mount is well supported the way it is, and that FE lenses and accessories are the priority.  Especially lenses that are not on the a-mount already.

7) IBIS on E-mount is possible but not as good as on A-mount.

Thanks to the anonymous sources! Hope he will become one fo my trusted sources soon :)


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