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(SR3) Sony could launch the first phone with the quality of a high level compact camera?


We usually don’t talk about Sony smartphones. But as you know, the digital compact camera is considerably shrinking because more and more people uses their smartphones for daily photography.

And now there are rumors about a new Sony Xperia flagship phone with the codename “Honami”. It should be the first smartphone using a large 1/1.6 – 1/1.5″ sensor! It features a Sony G lens. a mobile Bionz chip and either a xenon or plasma flash with a dual LED as well. Lens might be f2.0 and it should have a new JPEG algorithm to ensure things are far better than current Xperia phones.

I thank the source sending me this. He also asked me if my “usual” trusted sources can confirm this! The 1/1,5 inch sensor sounds huge. Almost unbelievable they can do it. UPDATE: Nokia did it with the PureView Smartphone (so it’s possible!) That said Sony is right on the track working on smartphones with high image quality. The “Normal” digital compact camera market is death anyway.

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