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(SR3) What’s coming at PMA? Everybody talks about the new Sony EVIL system :)


Good morning dear readers. As you know on late February there will be the big PMA show Arnheim-California. The show starts on February 21.

Every Brand will show their latest products and I am sure Sony is ready to announce their new creations. Around the web many are trying to speculate what’s coming and I made you a very short summary:

To be honest Letsgodigital speculations have been prooven to be very unexact. They were wrong many times so I would not count on it when they say the A700 successor could be a 3D camera :) They also believe Sony mirrorless camera (they call it system camera) is coming. But everyody knows that already!

The prediction from David Kilpatrick of PhotoClubAlpha could be more accurate!
Here is what he says: “”In Spring or maybe even sooner, I think we will see the introduction of a new Sony EVIL system similar to the Samsung N-system. There will be a ‘pancake’ wide angle and a collapsible kit zoom like Olympus, because pocketability matters. There will also be an adaptor which allows the use of SAM/SSM lenses on the EVIL body with limited automation. I think the aperture may need to be set manually on the adaptor. Older in-body motor lenses will be usable in MF and fixed aperture setting mode.

The new lens design will use an SSM type motor not SAM, and will have a new aperture mechanism capable of true continuous variation under electronic control. This will allow AE during video to work correctly. The existing Alpha lens design allows continuous variation, but it requires mechanical control. Canon is currently unable to offer its system for serious video use as the design only allows aperture adjustment in sudden 1/3rd stop steps, which makes any required exposure change in video a ‘jump’ or series of jumps. Sony will work to overcome this issue before releasing a 1080p capable EVIL.

I’m basing this prediction mainly on information from Canon, not Sony!

Where Sony could gain a huge market share would be in cross-system adaptors. Olympus/Panny get this to a degree now. Sony could design a body which was able to use Nikon AF-S, Canon USM and other similar lenses via dedicated adaptors with some degree of AF and AE. I don’t think they will do that, but once they have a body and the SAM/SSM Alpha adaptor, third party makers will do so.

If it doesn’t arrive in Spring, there is photokina ahead in September.

SonyAlphaRumors is currently working to get some news about Sonys PMA announcement. We will let you know soon…count on it!

Have a nice day!

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