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(SR4) A “confirmation” on the A6100 delivery (in Stock end of March)


I previously reported that at last the A6100 will be in Stock in March. Now two more sources confirmed the info. One of them who correctly shared (A68 data and specs) wrote:

A6100 – it should arrive in stores in EU at the end of March


AS200 and X1000 Actioncam replacements are already have been given official internal code names, they’re planed to be launched before summer sales pick. They are rumours that they will feature balanced optical steady shot know from consumer cameras ;-)

In 2015 Sony delayed the A6100 launch twice because of lack of competition. As a proof of that see the Sony Wikileaks leaked Sony roadmap for Spring 2015:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-12 um 09.42.41

I guess with the launch of the new X-PRo2 and PEN-F time has come to release the “updated” A6100.


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