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(SR4) A77 body only will cost 1.000 Euro in Europe. A77 production costs are low!


After a two days troubles with hacked code and new server installation I can finally go back to normal news coverage. A trusted source just sent me the price in Euro of the A77 body. As you know two weeks ago I told you that the A77 camera + 18-55mm kit lens would cost $1099. Now I am pretty sure the A77 body only will cost 999 Euro in Europe! I think that’s a very good price if the image and body quality is on top as we expect it to be! I also expect street price to be around 950 Euro.

That’s less than the main competition:
Check Canon 7D price at [shopcountry 6954].
Check Nikon D7000 price at price at [shopcountry 6952].

I have been told that this is possible because the translucent cameras can get rid of the expensive optical viewfinder system. Production costs should be around 15-20% less than classic DSLR cameras!
One more thing: I know from trusted that the price of raw glas almost doubled in a bit more than one year!

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