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(SR4) Detailled Sony A55v specs!


For days we received infos about the Sony A55 camera. Those are the rumored Sony A55 specs:
16.7 megapixel APS CMOS
15 points AF system
Center ***triple cross*** sensor
***Double cross*** sensor x2 at left/right
12 normal sensor(F5.6)
FullHD 1080 60i
Translucent mirror inside, can reflex light during power on
Translucent mirror can be open to clean the sensor
EVF super-clear, specific unknown pixel, image quality is only worse than the A900 only
10FPS continous shooting with AF
AFC just like Nikon’s 3D tracking system – fast and reliable
SONY claims that would be better than 50D’s AF
SUPER FAST AF speed at center point
ISO100-25600, ISO6400’s noise just like a900’s ISO400
Support NEX’s hand-held night shot(Multi-shot)
Support a700’s Quick Navi access mode
Support DOF, however EVF becomes dim during small aperture
Use NEX3/5 battery
a55 priced at about 900-1000USD

THose specs were also posted on DChome!

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