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(SR4) Sony wants to price the A99 as low as possible. It’s a Full Frame A77 :)


According to top sources the upcoming next Sony full frame cameras “main feature” will be the low price. What does it mean? There will be no new big special feature compared to the actual [shoplink 8461]A77 camera[/shoplink] (a part of course the bigger full frame sensor and improved EVF). Sony learned from the A77 customer reaction and improved many details. To me that sounds good! I don’t need new marketing bla bla features. The A99 should “just work”. The A99 will very likely feature a new 24 Megapixel full frame sensor. My suggestions? Improve the JPG engine, release the camera with a mature firmware (no more blackouts).

The Nikon D800 is priced at $2999 at Amazon and the new Canon 5DmarkIII at $3499 at Amazon. I think the Sony A99 should be priced at $2499 to compete against them! What do you think?


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