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(SR4) The final A99 prototype is being shown to photographers. Coming in late August.


[shoplink 3032][/shoplink] Sont expect any FF with optical viewfinder anymore! Bye bye A900 :(

In these days many “sources” contacted me to tell me that Sony has already “selected” the final A99 camera specs. Some A99 prototypes are being shown to managers, dealers and photographers. All sources confirmed that there is no plan to launch the A99 now and that all we can hope is that Sony will give us an official look on the prototype model by end of this month or early May! It is Sony’s plan to launch the A99 in late August/early September like they did last year with the [shoplink 8461]Sony A77[/shoplink].

P.S:: I hope Paul Genge statement will turn out to be truth when he told to David Kilpatrick (Click here):  “wait for the FF SLT– you’ll not regret it’. So don’t buy the Nikon D800 and Canon 5DmarkIII  :)


Here are the search links to the last FF DSLR cameras with optical viewfinder:
Sony A900 [shopcountry 3032].
Sony A850 [shopcountry 3028].

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