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(SR4) The NEX-7 and A77 announcement will not be delayed. But…


I got a small A77 and NEX-7 update for you: A well known and a new SonyAlphaRumors source just sent me a good and a bad news.

The good news first: The NEX-7 and A77 announcement scheduled for mid July has not been delayed due the recent earthquake disaster.
The bad news: Quantities will be limited at first.

If quantities are limited the price might be higher than expected as retailers could higher the margin to compensate the loss in quantity. But that’s just my speculation and I hope I might be wrong. At least this is not true for the Sony A55 which just got a $50 instant rebate on US stores like Amazon, Adorama, B&H, J&R, eBay (Click on the names to directly see the A55 product page and price).

P.S.: I also got one more info from the new source I am checking with my trusted sources. Soon I should learn more about the exact announcement day.

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