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(SR5) A55 and A33: LCD, EVF and other specs


3 inch and 921.000 dot resolution
It has Trueblack tecnology with level gauge, focus point maginification and a gridline.

One of the main strenghts is that in the dark the EVF (electronic viewfinfer) displays better images than the OVF (optical viewfinder)
You can use the EVF in video mode (you can’t do that with an Optical viewfinder)
1.44 dots LCD (not OLED sory)
100% coverage / 0.95x magnification

Special features:
Auto HDR (3 frames combined), Multi-frame NoiseReduction in Low-Light situations (it takes 6 frames to combine them), Hand-Held Twilight, 3D sweep panorama. There is also a new automatic mode that can automatically select on of the special features above!

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