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(SR5) All Sony mirrorless lenses made of Chromium


Small update about the lenses: All Sony lenses are made of Chromium. As I told you yesterday the Sony lenses are a little bit bigger compared to Micro Four Thirds Lenses. But they are very well made, they have a very good image quality and they are cheap.

We already know two of the three lenses:
The 16mm f/2.8
The 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
One unconfirmed rumor says there will be also one more zoom, the 18-200mm lens.

One more thing: A trusted soruce told me that there is a very nice surprise (one more lens?). He won’t tell me more but I tought it would be nice if I share my frustration with you :)

UPDATE: The adapter allows the use of “classic” Alpha Lenses with AF!

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