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(SR5) More small info about the A55 and A33!


1) 15 point AF sensors, 3 cross type, 1200 segment metering

2) The A55 and A33 do have a 100-12800 ISO range. And it can go up to 25.600 ISO combined with the Multi Frame NR function! In Auto setting the iso range goes from 100 to1600 ISO.

3) Sony redesigned the shutter unit which now is more compact.

4) Compared to the [shoplink 3124]Sony A550[/shoplink] the body is almost 2cm less height! This is possible due the more simple Translucent construction (and the new EVF).

5) The A33 weights 430gramm and the A55 440gramm

REMINDER: Tomorrow Sony will announce the cameras….follow us! We will give you every update, every news, every preview we can find!

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