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(SR5) NEX-9 will be more expensive than the RX1. What is your opinion?


I am talking a lot with my trusted sources about the future Full Frame NEX camera. The camera could be named NEX-9 and the sensor is likely going to be a new Full Frame 24 MP sensor. And it will be mroe expensve than the current RX1! There are mainly two challenges Sony is facing during the development:

1) The technical  challenge:
Sony aims to create a High End Professional system that can match and if possible surpass the performance of PRO DSLR.
2) Marketing – price challenge:
The NEX-9 body only will be more expensive than the RX1. Price range should be in between $3,000 and $4,000. And lenses will be also very expensive!

Sony managers think that the point 1) has been solved with the work done by the engineer’s. What Sony managers are discussing now if there is a large enough market for the NEX-9. They see that Canon (6D) and Nikon (D600) released FF DSLR cameras for less than $2,000 and a NEX-9 may will have a hard time to justify their price compared to those. I have been expressly asked by my sources to ask you SonyAlphaRumors readers to share your opinions. And while I am absolutely not an expert I will do the first step by sharing mine:

1) First of all, Sony should not compare Apple and Oranges. A DSLR system is inherently different than a Mirrorless system. So stop comparing it with DSLR.

2) Market isn’t rational. Most of you know Henry Ford’s famous sentence: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses“. So please don’t waste your time in analysis of the current market, because there isn’t a market to analyze yet :)

3) To take good pictures you just need a $100 compact camera. So if you ask me…”I don’t need the NEX-FF, nevertheless I want it and I will buy it“!I will buy it if it catch my emotions, if it’s kept simple and clean and if I can have a more “pure” photographic experience. Do we need a nice looking car? Nope, Do we need a nice looking Jacket no. But we are emotional animals not rational robots :)

4) In my eyes the A-mount FF system didn’t archive to become a serious challenger in the pro market. The E-mount Full Frame may be the first serious chance they have to get into the market. Make it backwards compatible with the current E-mount lenses (crop mode), make electronic adapters for Canon and Nikon lenses, create a system that is open and unique.

I could write for hours, but It’s time to read your opinion and probably you have better arguments than me!

But first of all a voting. Imagine Sony puts the right tech and the right features on the NEX-9. Imagine that there will be some nice lenses (including Zeiss) priced between $1,500 and $2,000…

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