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(SR5) Sony lobbying for the next FF cameras (to be released in 2012)


I am getting tons of enthusiastic emails from dealers and photographs that claim to have seen and tested the A77 and NEX-7. And some of them also told me that Sony is already “lobbying” for the next fullframe cameras. Sony wants the dealer to push the Sony products also because their upcoming fullframe cameras will be even more amazing than the A77. I have been told that Sony is currently talking with all the major dealers to redefine the marketing strategy. I will give you some concrete details about the strategy as soon as I can. The only good news that I can give you now is that there will be more new fullframe cameras than I thought. I now heard about three different fullframe camera coming in 2012!

There has been no [shoplink 3032]Sony A900[/shoplink] price drop yet because Sony plans to release the next FF cameras in 6-9 months only. It would be to early to clear the stocks now. The [shoplink 3028]Sony A850[/shoplink] has been discontinued.
FF status check:
A900 at [shopcountry 3032].
A850 at [shopcountry 3028].

If you have some fullframe rumor to share drop me a message at! Thanks!

P.S.: The A35 and NEX-C3 are in Stock! Check:
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