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Still no A7sII successor specs…so let’s talk “speculations”


On June 26 Sony will have a press conference Like I told you before I am yet not sure if this means the public announcement will be made on the same day or if the press will have to sign a NDA agreement. But I  have been assured the A7sII successor and the 12-24mm GM lens will be presented to the press on this day.

I still got no reliable specs about the A7sII successor. All I am receiving is wild rumors from unknown sources. And all we know for sure is that this camera will at least have 4k120p, 10bit 4:2:2, similar A9II AF performance.

So let’s go on with speculations:
If the camera indeed has no 8K recording that it might use that new Sony 15.36MP sensor:

Here are some more speculations:

In summary: We can only speculate this camera to be oriented for professionals videographers. Unlike the Canon EOS_R5 it might not have 8K. But for pros this doesn’t matter at all. All they want is top notch 4k performance. Of course, from a pure “bla bla bla” marketing point Canon will get the credit to have made the first 8K FF compact mirrorless camera.

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