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March 29, 2010
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Photozone: Sony Alpha 550 test

Photozone tested the Sony Alpha 550. The reviewer liked the camera so much that he has taken the camera on his outdoor trip to Australia :)

Read the review:
Read the Sony A550 product page on amazon

P.S.: And once again the latest japanese DSLR charts prooves that the A550 is the best selling Sony camera.

February 15, 2010
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DxO mark test the new Canon 550D (T2i) + comaprison with Sony A550

The results of the latest DxO mark tests will cause a lot of discussions! They tested the newly announced Canon T2i and if you compare the results with the Sony A550 you will see an unexpected result: The Sony A550 sensor outperforms the Canon T2i sensor!

February 12, 2010
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Sony Alpha DSLR-A550 Review at CNET UK and Fotopolis

CNET UK tested the Sony A550 and came to this short conclusion: “Sony’s made some strange design decisions, but it’s a decent dSLR overall“. read the whole review here:,39030232,49304956,00.htm

One more review has been made by the polish website (Click here for the english google translation)

Check price an availabilty of the Sony A550 on amazon.

January 29, 2010
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New Sony reviews and hands-on (HX5V and A550)

Today we found some new reviews and hands-on!

1) Sony Alpha DSLR-A550 Photo Gallery at Dcreview. They will soon post their review (we will let you knwo when it’s online)

2) Quesabesde tested the Sony DSC-HX5V. They posted a video in spanish language only :)

January 27, 2010
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New Sony A550 review at reghardware!

Reghardware posted a 8page long review about the SOny A550. Chek it out:

And click here to check the Sony A550 configurations and price at amazon.

January 15, 2010
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UPDATED with a third review -> Sony Alpha 550 double review.

UPDATE: The polish website also made a Sony A550 review !

The Sony A550 has been tested by and by the polish website (click here to read the google english translation).

And they both were impressed with the Sony A550 results!

Right now the Sony A550 is in Stock at amazon for $949.00 (Body Only).

January 9, 2010
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