Let’s speculate specs and release time for the new Sony A7IV. Will it be a “Mini-A7sIII” ?

When it comes to Sony we can be pretty certain the new Sony A7IV will not be a revolutionary camera. I expect this to be a sort of mini Sony A7sIII.

Possible release time:
Canon and Panasonic have released new nice $2,000-$2,500 cameras. But trusted sources told us Sony will announce the A7IV during the second half of 2021 only (no exact time frame given yet)

Possible specs (This should be an easy guess):

  • 24MP sensor (there is a version with 30MP sensor but I think 24MP is the safe bet for now).
  • 4k60P
  • 5.76m-dot (same as A7rIV but not as good as the A7sIII)
  • same A7sIII autofocus system
  • dual SD slot (it won’t need the new Express mini cards)
  • fully articulating selfie screen
  • new Sony A7sIII menu system
  • in general all expected layout and ergonomic improvements we got with the A7sIII

This would be a solid, expected improvement. And my guts tell me that my specs will be very accurate. What do you think?


CONFIRMED: The next new Full Frame E-mount compact camera will be named “Sony A7c”

Two solid source confirmed Sony will soon announce a super compact FF E-mount camera and that it will be named “Sony A7c“. The “c” obviously standing for “compact”. This camera will be the first and entry level camera of the new “c” line that will run on parallel to the current A7-A9 cameras. A third source (THANKS!) also told me this:

“pre-launch codes for bodies start CX, lenses start VX.”

So what he says is there will be a new line of cameras and new line of lenses. My guess is the “V” lenses will be very compact for this compact “Sony A7C” camera. Sony’s goal is to make a super compact FF series for vloggers and travelers. The camera having a popup EVF smaller than A7III body size and a new line of compact lenses.

Sony A7c specs:

  • In mid September Sony will announce the new “Sony A7c” entry level Full Frame compact camera
  • similar Sony A7III specs (SAR note: I guess it means same 24MP sensor and same AF performance)
  • It has the same A7sIII fully articulating screen
  • body size of the A6600
  • The camera will be marketed for vloggers and youtubers
  • Battery is NP-FZ100,
  • USB is Type-C.
  • it has a single SD card slot
  • It has both a mic-in and a headphone jack
  • Wi-Fi (11a/b/g/n/ac) and Bluetooth
  • price will be above A7III (slightly above $2,000)
  • New lens line will be announced too: The compact lenses will have the code “V”

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