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TEASER: The next new Sony E-mount camera will be the….


[tminus t=”26-04-2021 16:00:00″ style=”TIE-fighter”]

After six months of hard work inside the intensive care unit I am now fully back on SAR! To celebrate that I will post a 99,999%% accurate rumor about the next Sony E-mount camera. I know what it is, I know when it’s coming….

Ahead of the full rumor publishing on Monday 15:00 London time I will post some tidbits about the new camera on my social networks on Facebook, Instagram and Discord.

P.S.: My private work inside the intensive care unit can be seen on my website, on my Instagram channel, Flickr and 500px. Feel free to follow me there!

P.P.S.: I know it’s annoying to make a teaser for a rumor and you are free to express your frustration in the comment system ;)

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