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THE WILD (and BS?) A7sIII RUMORS roundup


Nash posted this funny “rumor” in our A7sIII group  :)

Sony confirmed multiple times that they will  release a new A7sII successor and that it will “exceed expectations”. The only info I got from a source in Summer is that the A7sIII has a cooling vent and records 4k120p (at least the prototype did so).

The other info I got are from anonymous and first time sources so it’s likely to be wrong. The following info is only posted for clickbait-fun…keep it in mind ok?  :)

Source 1:
I tested a prototype of the A7SIII one month ago and it will shoot 5.9k with 4k120 and a 36 MP Dual backlit global sensor

Source 2:

Upcoming Sony camera to support 8bit X-OCN codec with 10bit option when grip is attached. Other features include previously mentioned 4K 120P. Pressure from Panasonic FF as it supersamples 4K 4:4:4 from 8K sensor.

Source 3:

Hey, wanted to note that 36mp sensor you’ve mentioned is for upcoming 8k video centric camera(s) that should hopefully debut next year. The sensor is being considered for several camera models. Technically the sensor is capable of high read speeds. However I’ve heard heat and energy drain over the read speeds needed for video use are a major hangup, so much so that, last I heard about it anyway, it’s still unknown what sort of camera bodies the sensor will end up in. Either way I’ve heard things about loud fans and large heatsinks, all trying to be squeezed as small and quiet as possible. It’s such a problem that actual 8k recording might be reserved for external recorders on a more compact camera bodies, though the goal is still internal recording at 8k if possible.

Source  4:

English is not my native language, sorry
This saturday I had a lunch with a Sony ambassador.
I asked him about the Sony A7SIII and why sony is so slow. Here is his answears:
A7SIII wont be revolurionay but more something like a mini FX9 without high quality codec.
Sony was aware of the S1H from the beginning, but this is not the main reason sony delayed A7SIII.
The main reason are:  
– To wait the introduction of the FX9 because the sensor could be inside the A7S3  
– The marketing problem with high quality codec in the mirrorless line
– To find something different (marketing approche), other kinds of demands (to reduce the lack of internal 422 4K) = fully articulated screen

So don’t expect a S1H competitor, Sony marketing is against internal 422 in his mirrorless camera line.
422 (in 4K at least) is for FS/FX line.

A7SIII specs:
FX9 sensor (or a tweaked version)
H264 / H265 10bits
FX9 autofocus
High DR
Dual Iso
Fully articulated touch screen, high quality screen and EVF

No 6K, no prores, no 422 in 4K, no high bitrate, no xavc-i

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