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The “unofficial talk” on the Digital Splash show: Tamron ceased A-mount lens development and will make E-mount lenses only?


A SAR reader reported to me the unofficial talk he collected on the Digital Splash show. While this is just unofficial chatter it’s still interesting to know what managers are spilling out on those kind of events:

News I took from sony at digital splash:
The people at the sony stand told me either sony is workig to get E mount lens line up to rival A mount selection before making more A mount lenses or the person said, it is possible no more lenses will be made but cameras will definately continue to be developped atleast for the next couple of years.
Tamron….it is with a very heavy heart that tamron have now ceased all future A mount lens development and instead are shifting focus to E mount and fuji mount, the price of A mount for some reason has shot up in recent times which paired with the shrinking A mount market share has led them the call it a day, all recent releases will be fullfilled up untill a certain point which wasn’t specified.
After having lengthy discussions with tamron through this year, it is looking more likely we will see sports/wildlife primes in the medium distant future(2-4 years) specifically 600mm f4 and 400mm f2.8.
The only lens maker currently actively developing new A mount lenses is venus optics via the Laowa lenses line.
Sad day, but i did try the A9, it is a nice camera, controls are fiddly coming from an a99ii, my fingers still get wedged between grip and lens neck so it would be great to see a slightly fattened out version of the A9, possibly with an a99ii style body but with E mount lens system.
Af on the a9 is shockingly good, even in a dimly lit room using the 24-70gm it picked focus almost instantly from infinity to near subject.
C’mon sony, make a 45mp 14fps A9r and let me finally lose the mirror.
As a funny end note, the display version of the A mount 500mm f4 that is used for shows and events was broken during a recent event, a man was changing lenses and instead of break his own gear he let the 500mm f4 go for the sake of saving his camera and lens. 

Tamron only has one native E-mount lens in their lineup. The Tamron 18-200mm at [shopcountry 62789].

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