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What if (big if!) that Nikon roadmap prediction is true?


I really don’t know if that Nikon camera roadmap prediction is correct (via MirrorlessRumors). But let’s assume for a moment this is the real deal and Nikon will announce:

  • November 2022: Z7III with 45MP and 8K
  • November 2022: Z6III with 24MP and 6K
  • January 2023: Z5II with 24MP and 4K
  • March 2023: Z90 with 24MP
  • June 2023: ZF with 24MP
  • August 2023: Z8 with 61MP and 8K
  • October 2023: Z50II with 21MP

What do you think about that? My short thoughts:

  • Z7III with 8k sounds great, and certainly would pressure Sony in offering an affordable 8K Alpha camera.
  • Knowing that Sony is announcing the A7rV now I would find it strange that Nikon will answer with the Z8 in August 2023 only.

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