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WILD RUMORS: Sony China affiliated filmmaker says: If you are not happy with the 12MP resolution wait til end 2020


My Chinese readers pointed me out to these statements made by an actually very well known Chinese Filmmaker that collaborates with Sony. He said a couple of things that sound interesting but I have yet no clue if we can trust him on this. Still, fact is he works with Sony so there might be something on this:

  • He said if you are not happy with 12MP then you should wait because later this year there is something more. (SAR note: He might means camcorders and not necessarily a new A7-A9 camera)
  • He says the original planned launch date for A7SIII is actually the end of 2018, priced similarly, mostly the same but missing few features like 16bit raw output. But then Sony decided that there is no real threat on the market so they can wait a little bit (SAR note: That would confirm why our 2018 A7sIII rumors didn’t become true…because the camera launch got canceled)
  • He also says that One-Mount is the key strategy for Sony so the camcorder department and camera department have more cooperation now, resulting in FX9 getting phase detection while A7S3 getting all the new codec.

My chinese readers assured me that he has quite some reputation in the filmmaker community, I assume guys like this won’t spread lies around easily.. But you never know.

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