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Working on A-mount rumors/news too…(lenses, firmware and A-mount mirrorless)


The last weeks were extremely busy. As you have seen I posted many QX and NEX rumors. Now I wanted tow write a short note just to say that I am working on A-mount news too. Within the next 2-3 weeks I should be able to get more concrete (and hopefully SR5 rated) info about the upcoming products. In very short this is what I am working on:

1) A-mount lens roadmap: as I told you there are definitely a 70-200mm II and 400mm lens to come. But I heard about two more lenses…

2) Firmware update: There is a silence around it. probably because there are bigger rumors at the moment. But I will try to ask my sources to tell me something about it

3) SLT vs A-mount mirrorless: While it’s almost sure that A-mount mirrorless is the future I am still not 100% sure that there will be no other SLT camera.

So be patient, I am on it :)


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