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X-H2s announcement: Fuji wants to prove you that $2,500 High End APS-C cameras do make sense!


Full spec comparison on this special page at BHphoto

We always saw Sony somewhat reluctant to launch a very high end APS-C cameras. But now that they announced three new cool APS-C lenses I really do hope the time is mature for a new “mini-A1”. A proper high end APS-C cameras that is still affordable compared to Full Frame equivalents.

And if you believe there is no market for that you are likely wrong: This week Fuji announced the new X-H2s with a nice $2,499 price tag. And from what I heard this camera is selling like hotcakes! So dear Sony please, give us the A7000!

Would you buy the 8k, 33Mp A7000 for $2,499?

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