C. Garrard: “the NEX-7 is likely to be a Trojan Horse in the camera industry”


The NEX-7 and the NEX-5n are the hotseller on Amazon. Four different NEX camera kits made it into the top 20 (Click here to see the full ranking)!!! And I bet the NEX-7 will stay on top of that ranking for a very long time. The NEX-7 is receiving a lot of praises. Carl Garrard had the chance to play a bit with the Nex-7: “This is a camera that not only seems to strike the “classic” strings , but also strikes the “hi tech science tool” strings in my heart. It simultaneously gives me the impression that it is both designed to be functional yet ultra high tech at the very same time. I’ve never held or used a camera like it. I repeat, the NEX-7 is likely to be a Trojan Horse in the camera industry.” (Source: Dpreview forum). And also Whatdigitalcamera writes that: “The NEX-7 we handled is an early pre-production model and we were not allowed to put an SD card in it to assess to image quality, as there’s still some tweaking to be done to the firmware, but from a handling and usability perspective the NEX-7 is impressive.

The NEX-7 is the last of the new new Sony cameras that will get into production. That’s why you don’t see any official preview on the web. Sony hasn’t finsihed to work on the beta-firmware. Let’s hope they will finish soon because I really want to see some preview!

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