Ken Rockwell goes crazy and admits he likes the Sony A99! ;)


Hold on guys….is this really Ken Rockwell using kind words on the new Sony A99? :) After years of Nikon-Canon DSLR reviews he actually got the A99 and guess what…he really likes the camera! I am just copying and pasting a part of his conclusion. Feel free to read the full article on his blog:

As soon as you realize that this is a high-performance full-frame mirrorless camera that just happens to look like a DSLR and takes MAXXUM and Sony SLR lenses, it all makes sense. I really like the images I can make with the A99. White balance and color are very good for people shots under any light, and exposure and focus are always magically dead-on. Regular DSLRs like the Nikon D600 and Canon 6D aren’t as consistent; I get to the right shot faster with the A99 than I can with a real DSLR that requires more fiddling to get the first good shot.

So finally, even long time Nikon-Canon owners are starting to see some of the greatness of Sony cameras. And I really can’t wait to see their reaction when the new cameras will be out in 2014!

And the price of the A99 is getting a tiny bit more “Interesting” too. Thansk to the great A99 superkit offer (here at Amazon) you can find the body only for a lower price on eBay at Camwatch ($2,348.00), Samys ($2,449.00) and Electro Electro ($2,449.00). Superkit offers are also available at BHphoto (Click here). Not bad!

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