Sensor news: NEX-5r tested, Nikon D600 has Sony sensor.


Image courtesy: Chipworks

Chipworks ripped the Nikon D600 to see who made the 24 Megapixel Full Frame sensor. And as you can see from the image on top it’s made by Sony. Of course while the sensor may be similar to the Sony A99 the features of the cameras are completely different. The A99 sensor has phase detection pixels on it, and the camera is weather sealed and is a more advanced hybrid video&still camera. But for now the cheaper price of the D600 made it become a popular hotseller at Amazon (here is the ranking). Sony may need to release a sort of cheap A95 camera that can fight in the same league of the Canon 6D and Nikon D600.

Dxomark tested the Sony NEX-5R sensor which has almost the exact score of the NEX-5n (78 versus 77 points). Of course the NEX-5R has some nice new features compared ot the older NEX-5n, but the price of the NEX-5n is that good now that it is the best selling mirrorless camera on Amazon (ranking here).