NEX-7 and A77 image leaks thoughts…


I am still working to get a 100% prove that the leaked images are real. Some new sources said yes the images are all real. And don’t get confused by that “NO” button. The NEX-7 you saw was a prototype and it looks like this was a deliberated choice (weird!). I am sure my trusted sources will soon tell me more about the pics! My guess now is that all leaked pictures are real. But just wait a bit until I can give you the 100% reliable confirmation!

The only “SR5 thing” I can say is that I have been told the NEX-7 has definitely a built-in viewfinder and a very Fuji X100 look! And another new source told me the NEX-5 replacement will actually be called the NEX5N and not the NEX5E.


P:S: In the meanwhile I am going to climb my next mountain today. So please be aware that I can answer you in a 7-8 hours only!


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