August 23, 2011
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Continually updated: Sony announces the A77 NEX-7 and lots of other cameras and lenses!

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Preorder now!

All new Sony cameras and lenses are available for preorder at Amazon US (Click here).

Previews and Reviews

NEX-7 hands on at (french).
NEX-7 preview at Dpreview
A77 camera porn at :)
Image of the wheatersealed design at Sonystyle.
Hands-on at Luminous Landscape.
HOT!Full A77 review at Imaging Resource. Including full size images and ISO test!
The Zeiss 24mm MTF graph at Sony Japan (japanese)
A77 and A65 preview at Alphamountworld.
NEX-7 preview at Alphamountworld.
A77 preview at Hardwarezone.
HOT! Sony NEX-7 preview with video on Engadget.
A good preview summary at Noisycamera.
Sony NEX-5N video preview by Engadget.
HOT!Sony A77 hands-on preview and video on Engadget.
First VG-20 video preview on youtube.
HOT! Sony NEX 5N preview at ThePhoBlographer.
HOT! Very first Sony A77 preview on Dpreview (Click here).
Sony NEX-5N preview at Dpreview.
Sony A77 preview at videoacademy (german).
Sony A65 preview at Dpreview.
HOT!!! You can see an A77 video here:!!!
HOT!!! And here is the NEX-7 video:
See the A77 specs graph via Amazon (Click here).

Image samples

First Zeiss 24mm image smaples at ePhotozine.
Fullsize image samples at Imaging Resource (scroll down to see them).
A77 full size(!) image sample at videoacademy.
Dpreview A77 image gallery.


12 fps af test of a77 on youtube.
Sony A77 Promo Video on youtube.
Sony Alpha SLT A77 Hands on Video on youtube (german).
First videos taken with the A77 on Engadget!
First VG-20 video preview on youtube.
Sony Alpha 77- First look review by swissvideoacademy on youtube.
Sony A77 presentation on youtube.


Engadget says: “We love the 24.3 megapixel sensor, but the camera’s OLED viewfinder is the star of the show.

Links to Press release

A77 and A65 at Quesbaesde (spanish)
NEX-7 at Quesabesde (spanish).
Heise (german)
Digitalkamera (german)
NEX-7 press release form Sony Europe.
A77 and A65 press release from Sony Europe.
Sony NEX cameras and lenses at Systemkamerablog (german).
Techradar (with UK pricing)
Alphanumerique (french)
DSLRmagazine (spanish).
A beautiful NEX-7 site made by Sony Japan (in japanese only!).
Sony Japan (japanese).
A77 at Focus Numerique (french)
NEX-7 at Focus Numerique (french)
NEX-5N and A65 at Focus Numerique (french)
A77 and A65 at the suisee magazine fotointern (german)
Sony announcement at Digitalcamerainfo.
A65 and A77 at Digitalcamerareview.
Sony NEX-7 at Dpreview.
Sony NEX-5N at Dpreview.
The new Sony A and E-mount lenses at Dpreview.
Sony A77 announced on Dpreview!
A picture of the press release on US Today (Click here).

Social Media (and reactions)

Live Sony event tweets by JVS on Twitter.
SAR group on Google+ and Facebook

Preorder the new stuff!

Sony A77 with 16-50mm lens at Amazon (Click here).
Sony A77 body only at Amazon (Click here).
Sony A65 with 18-55mm lens at Amazon (Click here).
Sony A65 body only at Amazon (Click here).
Sony NEX-7 body only at Amazon (Click here).
Sony NEX-5N with 18-55mm lens at Amazon (Click here).
Sony NEX-5N at Amazon (Click here).
Sony 16-50mm A-mount at Amazon (Click here).
Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 E-mount at Amazon (Click here).
Sony 50mm f/1.8 E-mount at Amazon (Click here).
Sony 55-210mm E-mount at Amazon (Click here).


You know the price, you have seen the specs, reviews and image samples. What will you REALLY buy?

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August 23, 2011
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Sony A77 and A65 and NEX-5N and NEX-7 on Amazon!!!

HOT!!! You can see an A77 video here:!!!
HOT!!! And here is the NEX-7 video:

UPDATE: Amazon removed all the links below. But video linked on top still do work :)
UPDATE_2: There is a live tweet of the Sony presentation by JVS on Twitter (Click here).

Sony A77 with 16-50mm lens at Amazon (Click here).
Sony A77 body only at Amazon (Click here).

Sony A65 with 18-55mm lens at Amazon (Click here).
Sony A65 body only at Amazon (Click here).

Sony NEX-7 body only at Amazon (Click here).

Sony NEX-5N with 18-55mm lens at Amazon (Click here).
Sony NEX-5N at Amazon (Click here).

August 23, 2011
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(SR5) Hot! Sony new products on US Today!!! With official price of A77!

Click on the image to view it fullsize! Thanks Jose for sending us this!!!

UPDATE: Only 40 minutes to the announcement (6am London time). There is a huge ammount of visitors online now, that’s why website loading time is slow. I retsarted the sevrer, reduced the number of posts t…one! And removed some widgets. If that doens’t help and the server crashes than you can follow the announcement on our SonyAlphaRumors Fanpage on Facebook (Click here)!

US today says the A77 body only costs $1399 and with 16-50mm lens it will cost $1999. The A65 will cost $899. The NEX-7 with kit lens costs $1350. NEX-5N with lens for $700. The VG-20 for $2199.

The A77 has a higher price than expected. I guess the strong YEN is making lower prices almost impossible. Anyway, could be that street price is a bit lower and closer to our rumored price!

August 23, 2011
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(SR5) Two more Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 images

Just woke up after two hours sleep. Those are two images from the Zeiss 24mm E-mount lens you sent to me. Click on the them to see the full size version!

UPDATE: Sony is making wonders when it comes to the sensor technology but they should learn from Panasonic how to make small lenses. Check here: I think it’s an amazing piece of engineering!

August 23, 2011
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The Sony countdown: Only 10 hours to go!

Ready for the Sony DDAY? There are only 10 hours to go (Announcement will be made at 6-7am London time). I am constantly watching for leaks on youtube, stores and so on but there is still nothing. Did you find something? By the way, just saw  that Nikon will announce new Coolpix cameras. And there is might a chance this this is all what we will see form Nikon tomorrow!

Meanwhile those are the poll results. Seeing the results the A77 is the most wanted new camera. The A65 almost earns no attention. And it looks like 15-20% of you will buy the whole package, A77+16-50mm+battery grip. The NEX-7 also “beats” the NEX-5N. But let’s see tomorrow if you really will confirm your shopping intentions!

What camera/lens are you planning yo buy? You can select more products!

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How to read the percentages: Every user can select one or more products. Because of that the summary of all percentages is higher than 100%. If for example you read 64% near one of the products this means that 64% of all voters voted for that product.

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