March 30, 2013
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(SR5) Sony US to launch a new A99 superkit deal tomorrow (March 30)!


According to multiple sources from different US stores Sony will launch a new A99 superkit deal with a very(!) considerable saving. This will be the first time Sony answers the aggressive price reduction from Canon and Nikon DSLR. Currently we have plenty of “cheap” FF:
– The Canon 6D sells for $1,770 on Amazon (Click here).
– The Nikon D600 sells for $1,996 on Amazon (Click here).
– The Nikon D800 sells for $2,796 on Amazon (Click here).
– The Canon 5D MarkIII sells for $2,996 on Amazon (Click here).

Something had to be done to make the A99 more competitive. Of course the A99 is radically different camera. But this isn’t simply enough to make it a hotseller. I never saw the A99 within the top 100 of the most sold DSLR camera rankings at Amazon (Click here to see the list). So let’s see tomorrow if Sony US new offer will be good enough! As longs as I know there is no plan yet to lower the price in other countries too. But there have been some smaller price drops in EU stores during the last week and that may be the reason why they will not offer a bigger deal in Europe (see price at Amazon DE).

P.S.: Don’t forget that Gary Friedmann released his new A99 book:

March 29, 2013
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New Sony NEX-6 review. New APPs for the NEX-5r and NEX-6


There is a new Sony NEX-6 tests at DigitalCameraReview (Click here). And like Dpreview also the DCR conclusions mentions as only drawback the “sometimes confusing menu system“. Otherwise the reviewer likes the camera: “The Sony NEX-6 is a great little camera and, one of my personal favorites“.

And if you are a lucky owner of the NEX-6 or NEX-5r you can download two new APPS for your camera at

NEX deals:
Three Open Box NEX-6 kits with $130 discount at Samys (Click here).
NEX-5r body for $486 at 6ave (Click here).
Three Open Box NEX-7 kits with $100 discount at Samys (Click here).
Last two days of the NEX deals on Amazon Deals Page (Click here).

March 29, 2013
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Don’t get crazy. A-mount will remain alive!

It’s three months now that I am waiting and working to get news about the new Sony roadmap. I told you that the SLT-FF cameras planed for 2013 have been taken off the map. Now, I am administrator of a rumor site and I have to remind you that we are not talking about official news.

That said… trust my words, the A-mount system is well alive and it will be so in future. Sony didn’t take off the SLT-FF cameras from the roadmap because they don’t believe in the A-mount system. The reason is another one. And that reason will be explained soon on SAR (as soon as I get an SR5 confirmation).

One more thing: When I write the A-mount is alive..I also mean that it will not rely on A to E mount adapters1 There will be 100% pure A-mount cameras in future. APS-C and Full Frame.

March 28, 2013
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$150 on NEX-6 kit. Last days of NEX and ALPHA deals in US.

You have only three days left until the Sony NEX and ALPHA deals will expire. You can see them here at Amazon Deals Page.

And Top Rated Plus selle CameraLand is selling new NEX-6 kits for $849 instead of the usual $999 on eBay (auction here).

March 28, 2013
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Luminous Landscape still doesn’t really like the Electronic Viewfinders…

There will be always discussions between people about the advantages or disadvantages of Electronic Viewfinder against Optical Viewfinders. In a recent short article Luminous Landscape admin describes “Why I Hate Electronic Viewfinders“. He says: “The reason why is that they are at best tiny TV sets, and as such have very low contrast ratios compared to the ability of the naked eye or a good optical or large DSLR viewfinder. In bright situations, where there is also deep shade, it can make visibility into the shadows when shooting highly compromised.

It’s ture that current Sony EVF can’t give you the clarity of an Optical Viewfinder but I think that in time EVF will get very close to OVF. Plus you don’t have to forget that EVF gives you some inherent features that are simply non available on OVF. So let’s wait and see what the new generation EVF from Sony will be. 3+ Million dots for the NEX-7n sounds like a good improvement!

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