May 16, 2012
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Sony A37 and NEX-F3 officially announced!


A37 is available for preorder at Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here)
NEX-F3 is available for preorder at Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here)
Sony 18-200mm NEX lens preorder at BHphoto (Click here).
Sony 18-135mm A mount lens preorder at BHphoto (Click here).

A37: Dpreview, Imaging Resource, Digitalcamerareview, ThePhoBlographer, Techradar, Pocket Lint.
NEX-F3: Dpreview, Techradar, Focus Numerique (French), Imaging Resource, ThePhoBlographer, Pocket Lint.
A37 and NEX-F3 hands-on at Engadget.

Interesting notes:
If you were wondering what’s the difference between the enw 18-200mm lens and the old 18-200mm lens read Asai’s (Sony manager) statement at Amateur Photographer: “Costing £670, the new 18-200mm will be £30 cheaper than the existing version. However, it does not offer the same level of image stabilisation and its minimum close focusing distance is 30cm, compared to 50cm on the current model, said Asai.

Image samples:
A37: Imaging Resource,
NEX-F3: Dpreview, Imaging Resource, Flickr Australia.

Press release:
A37: Dpreview, Focus Numerique (French), Photoscala (German), (japanese).
NEX-F3: Dpreview, Focus Numerique (French), Photoscala (German), (japanese).


So you had now plenty of time to reader previews and watch image samples. Here is the question:

Which new camera/lens will you buy?

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P.S.: Sorry for the 30minutes delay after the announcement but my computer completely freezed and died. I am so frustrated, have to buy a new one I guess. This one is so old now :(


May 16, 2012
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Sony annnouncement soon….

Good Morning!

Its 5am here in Europe and I am here on SAR ready to start the coverage fo the NEX-F3 and A37 release. I am also curious to see if Sony will give us some hint about the future products like lens roadmaps, A99 prototype and more….


Stay tuned! I am going to make a Coffea now ;)


May 16, 2012
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(SR5) Full resolution picture of the new All Black 18-200mm lens!

Here is the first 100% real picture of the Sony 18-200mm E-mount lens that will be announced tomorrow. I am not sure yet but I think the only difference between that lens and the current 18-200mm lens is the…color. But I repeat I am not sure, there could also be some minor optical changes…

Stay tuned on SAR! We are getting closer to the real Sony announcement (May 17th, 6-8 am London time!).

May 16, 2012
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(SR5) A99 price range set between $2,500 and $3,000

One of the (almost certainly fake) images floating around the chinese forums.

A couple of sources told me that Sony set the price range of the A99 camera between $2,500 and $3,000. The final price will be set this summer but it will be definitely be within that range! Also the name (A99) should be confirmed this Summer.This means the camera is certainly cheaper than the $3.499 Canon 5DmarkIII (here are the specs) and the $2,999 eploding Nikon D800 (here are the specs)……LOL :)

Specs I got from the early prototype are also unlikely to change. It means we can pretty much be sure the camera has a 24 Megapixel sensor and a 102 “super” AF system (something unmatched by today’s Canon and Nikon cameras). Frame rate will be 10 or 12 fps (depending on the final testing and firmware). Its also sure that at least two new A mount lenses will arrive along the A99. One of them will be almost surely be the Zeiss 50mm f/1.2 SSM lens. I still don’t know the price of the new Zeiss but I suspect it will be in the same range of the Canon 50mm f/1.2 ($1,499 here at Amazon).

Curiosity: The most expensive 50mm f/1.2 lens on market is the Leica Noctilux. $29,950.00 on eBay (Click here to check that if you don’t believe it!).

Reminder: Stay tuned on SAR tomorrow (May 17th) between 6-8am London time! You can follow live on SAR the A37 and NEX-F3 announcement!!!

May 15, 2012
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Sony 500mm test images by Dennis Bielsa

Our reader Dennis Bielsa sent me his review about the new and super exlcusive 500mm f/4.0 lens! I say exclusive because you pay $13,000 for it at BHphoto (Click here)! Thanks Dennis! Her eis the review:

This past month I was in Washington DC to shoot the arrival of Discovery at Dulles airport for the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum and was able to put the 500mm to good use.

I am a working pro and have used both Nikon & Canon with each manufactures long lenses. Before moving over to Sony I did own the Canon 500mm f4 IS L lens and have used the new MKII version of the Canon. On the Nikon side I hear their 500mm f4 is comparable to the Canon. I have used both the Nikon 600 f5.6 manual lens and the current Nikon 600mm f4. Having used the Sony 500 f4 for a few weeks now I would say it is sharper then the Canon 500mm at all edges of a full frame camera. For on the go shooting I used the Sony 500 with the a900 more often, I like this combination better then with the a77 / 500mm.   Both cameras were used on a monopod. With the APS size sensor the 500mm becomes a 750mm and that is a very long lens to keep steady. If you use the lens on a good tripod both the a900 and a77 give great results. When shooting on a tripod the in camera stabilization does help. The lens is sharp right out of the gate at f4 and I like this lens for the shallow depth of field. It does have a very small amount of CA that can show up on very contrasty subject like the image included but again it was just a very slight amount ( +8 ) of correction on the red/cyan slider in Photoshops camera raw. Also there is a small amount of vignetting at f4.  I tend to like how it looks and it is almost gone at f5.6. At below f8 the lens will start to show signs of diffraction and soften up the image. The focus is fast with both the a77 and a900 and can keep up with a moving object (like a Boeing 747). The viewfinder on the Sony a900 shows more of the lens movement/shake then with the Canon or Nikon glass since they have the stabilization in the lens and not the camera.

Sony 500mm f4 G Lens:

Fast focus
Sharp images at f4
Shape edges on full frame camera
3 mounting holes in lens foot
Focus hold button
Smaller then both the Nikon or Canon 500mm f4

No click stops as you rotate the lens/camera from horizontal to vertical on the tripod. So you’re not sure of where the horizontal or vertical placement is
Lens hood – you have to take the cover off of the hood the take the hood off and rotate it to attached it. It takes time to do this I wish it was built in like some
other manufactures have it.
t is a tool that I use to create images and get paid for them. I would say not many people will need a lens of this caliber but for me I can justify it by the quality of the build and sharp image it can create for my work.

Cost – no one wants to pay a lot for a lens no matter what camera system


Hi here are 2 shots one of the 500mm with my a900 and the view of the house I shot the window of with the 500mm taken with a Sony NEX-7 and 50mm lens

For fun I shot this with a Sony NEX-5n, the Sony Alpha LAEA1 adaptor and the 500mm of the moon if you would like to use it as well.

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