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April 18, 2012
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NEX-7 and A65 win TIPA award (NEX-7 in Stock)


For US readers: Four new NEX-7 kits are now in Stock at Amazon (Click here).

The NEX-7 and A65 got the TIPA price award (Click here to see the website). The NEX-7 won the best expert mirrorless price. You may would think that the camera has beaten the main contender the Fuji X PRO 1…but this isn’t true. The Fuji won the Best Professional mirrorless camera category. I don’t get the difference between “expert” and “professional” category :)

The A65 won within the category best advanced DSLR.

April 18, 2012
Posted in rumors

(SR4) Sony wants to price the A99 as low as possible. It’s a Full Frame A77 :)

According to top sources the upcoming next Sony full frame cameras “main feature” will be the low price. What does it mean? There will be no new big special feature compared to the actual A77 camera (a part of course the bigger full frame sensor and improved EVF). Sony learned from the A77 customer reaction and improved many details. To me that sounds good! I don’t need new marketing bla bla features. The A99 should “just work”. The A99 will very likely feature a new 24 Megapixel full frame sensor. My suggestions? Improve the JPG engine, release the camera with a mature firmware (no more blackouts).

The Nikon D800 is priced at $2999 at Amazon and the new Canon 5DmarkIII at $3499 at Amazon. I think the Sony A99 should be priced at $2499 to compete against them! What do you think?


April 17, 2012
Posted in rumors

Four new Cine Zeiss lenses for E-mount.

Zeiss announced some wonderful (and damn expensive) new Cine lenses you can use on your E-Mount camera. The lenses will be shipped in August 2012. The recommended retail price for the Compact Prime CP.2 35/T1.5 Super Speed is €3,700 or US$4,900 (excluding VAT)*. The recommended retail price for the Compact Prime CP.2 50/T1.5 Super Speed and Compact Prime CP.2 85/T1.5 Super Speed is €3,300 or US$4,500 (excluding VAT)*. The Compact Zoom CZ.2 70-200/T2.9 will start shipping in the fourth quarter of 2012 at a recommended retail price of €14,900 or US$19,900 (excluding VAT)*. Press release at Dpreview.

The zoom is really monstrously! On eBay (Click here) you can find many CP.2 lenses. And here below you can see an example video shot on the Sony F3:

Via Photorumors

April 17, 2012
Posted in rumors

(SR4) The final A99 prototype is being shown to photographers. Coming in late August.

Sont expect any FF with optical viewfinder anymore! Bye bye A900 :(

In these days many “sources” contacted me to tell me that Sony has already “selected” the final A99 camera specs. Some A99 prototypes are being shown to managers, dealers and photographers. All sources confirmed that there is no plan to launch the A99 now and that all we can hope is that Sony will give us an official look on the prototype model by end of this month or early May! It is Sony’s plan to launch the A99 in late August/early September like they did last year with the Sony A77.

P.S:: I hope Paul Genge statement will turn out to be truth when he told to David Kilpatrick (Click here):  “wait for the FF SLT– you’ll not regret it’. So don’t buy the Nikon D800 and Canon 5DmarkII:)


Here are the search links to the last FF DSLR cameras with optical viewfinder:
Sony A900 Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay.
Sony A850 Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay.

April 16, 2012
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Sony TidBits (with new FS700 video)

NEX-FS700 hands-on at Engadget (Click here):

CreativeUk (Click here) is accepting preorders.

Sony NEX FS100 as a DSLR alternative – first impressions (EosHD)

Minolta 70-210mm f4 versus Canon 70-200mm f4 L IS at Photoclubalpha (Click here): “Most of all, comparing this lens with the relatively expensive and much larger Canon it’s clear that the performance is either equal, or better. Take into account advances in coatings, and the effects of age on any lens, and I would have to think a new version of exactly this same Minolta lens would be stunningly sharp and ideal within the Alpha system

Amateur Photographer Magazine (not online!) tested the A57: “With its 16.1-million pixel sensor, 15-point AF and 10fps shooting with continuous AF, Sony’s Alpha 57 may suit aspiring sports and wildlife photographers. Tim Coleman puts it to the test.

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