December 23, 2010
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Sony TidBits

Sony NEX-VG10 vs Canon 60d vs Panasonic GH2

Sony to Buy Back Image Sensor Fab from Toshiba! (ImageSensorWorld)

NEX-VG10 with the Mamiya 80mm f2.8 lens (Americanpeyote).

Nice list of Sony Instante Rebates at BHphoto.

Also Nikon plans to release a mirrorless camera with interchangeable sensor. Will it use different Sony sensors or not?

December 22, 2010
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Alpha 580 review at Photoclubalpha!

David Kilpatrick from Photoclubalpha posted a nine page long and very accurate Sony A580 review: “there is no better APS-C DSLR available from Sony.

P.S: On page eight he writes about the flash delay issue: “Whatever the reason, the new generation suffers from flash exposure delays all round, and this one is set to cause Sony a problem. No matter what the explanation, if other makers can provide near real-time flash and all the other required features, Sony should be able to do so too.” Hope Sony is listening…

December 22, 2010
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Participate the Sony Photo Challenge! New theme is “Travel”

The next challenge will go live and the theme is ‘travel’. The top prize-winning photo will win a NEX-5, and second and third place will win a NEX-3 and Cyber-shot respectively.

To add your picture click the following link: Important! Tag every photo with “SonyPhotoChallenge” and “SonyAlphaRumors“.

December 22, 2010
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Sony NEX rules in Japan (+ Amazon rankings)

Watch out Canon and Nikon! Sony is coming! The latest weekly BCNranking report shows how two Sony NEX-5 cameras made it into the top 4 of the most sold system cameras. A wonder where the NEX-5
would be if we would sum the black and white model sales numbers!

But how is the rest of the world doing? There are no such reliable rankings. But we can take a look at Amazon rankings:
In US Canon and Nikon are dominating the scene (Click here to see the US ranking). You can find the NEX and Translucent camera only one the second page. But please keep in mind the A55 is not in Stock right now. That could explain the low sales.
In UK the Sony A290 is selling well (Click here to see the UK rankings). But for the rest we have the same US scenario….Canon and Nikon are dominating.
In Germany we have the same story. Canon and Nikon are on top (Click here to see the Amazon Germany ranking).
Also in France the Sony A290 is the best sold camera (Click here to see the Amazon France ranking).
Where Sony is doing very well is in Italy (Click hee to see the Amazon Italy rankings).

As you see the European and American market is less “mirrorless” oriented and very conservative. Classic DSLR cameras are still dominating the camera world.

December 22, 2010
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Sony Tidbits

Sony DSLR and David Bittner

Nikonos underwater lens adapter for Sony NEX (eBay).

Using the Sony NEX-5 with Leica Lenses by Paul Barclay (Steve Huff).

Sony DT 50mm f/1.8 SAM Interchangeable Lens Review (ePhotozine).

Nikon D3100 vs Sony NEX-5 at Dpreview.

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