Sony NEX-F3 sensor tested at DxOmark. Pancake lens now for $149.


DxOmark (Click here) posted the full NEX-F3 sensor test. And as you see the performance is identical to the previous NEX-C3. This isn’t a bad news, the NEX sensors are already the best on the mirrorless market. The new Panasonic GF5 for example has an overalls core of 50 points only.

Something else. If you are a NEX camera owner you might be interested to buy the 16mm pancake lens which got a $60 price drop over the regular Amazon price. You can find them for $149 at Bigvalue (Click here). The NEX-5N got another small prcie drop and you cna get it with lens included for $479 at Amazon (it’s here on top of the ranking). And to finish there is a 2% off on all Sony cameras and lenses at Amazon (Click here).