Sony RX1 review at Imaging Resource: “Stellar camera, a few issues”


There is a new RX1 review at Imaging Resource and once again the reviewer is amazed by the camera: “an almost-pocketable camera that delivers stellar hi-res images. The RX1 is the ultimate everyday street shooter or second camera for serious enthusiasts, pros (and trendsetters) alike, but its high price means it’s not for everybody.

More RX1 bits: Test at Invisiblephotographer and Cnet Asia. Can a Sony RX1 Truly Replace Your DSLR? (Digitalcamerainfo). RX1 and RX100 thoughts at Engadget. RX1 GRIP video on youtube.


RX1 links roundup:
RX1 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, eBay.
RX1 Gariz accessories:
1) They made a new half leather case in Black and Brown (Click here to see them on eBay).
2) The new lens cap (Click here to see them on eBay).
3) The new entry is the anti loose button(!) (Click here to see them on eBay). Don’t know if that will be really useful for you RX1 owners. Someone has it and call it how it works? Thanks!
4) And this is the really first time I see that. A special Leather skin hood! (Click here to see them on eBay).


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