Sony TidBits…


And here is a new roundup of Sony related news:
The Sony Robot by Luca Rossini on Flickr.
Hood-cap for NEX with 16mm at Photoclubalpha.
Living with Sony instead of Canon or Nikon by Shawn Rabourn.
How to Get 3.5mm Audio-In on the Sony NEX-5 series (Tynan).
A58, what I’d like to see by Carl Garrard.
Our first take of the Hasselblad Lunar (Digitalcamerainfo).
Sony DSLT A99 Review by DSLR Cinematography Indonesia. Part I on Facebook.
Sony NEX-F3 test at
Sigma 19mm lens test at Quesabesde.
A new use for the Contax T on the NEX at Magnuswedberg.