Unexpected: Fuji will launch a Medium Format camera with the Sony 50MP sensor this summer!


What you see on top is the nice Fuji GF670 film camera (here one eBay). Well, according to the usually very reliable Fujirumors Fuji launch a medium format version of the same having a new X-PRO 1 alike hybrid viewfinder this summer. What doe sit matter for us? Because it should use the same Sony 50 Megapixel sensor of the recently launched Hasselblad H5D (in Stock now), Phase One IQ250 and Pentax 645Z cameras.

The question now is if Sony will at the same time launch their RX medium format camera. Would be a bit weird Sony outsourcing the sensor to a direct competitor but on the other side that is exactly what Sony keeps doing in the DSLR and Mirrorless market too.

This is going to be a hell of exciting time on SAR this summer! Stay tuned. Lot of things to come for the big Sony Photokina time :)


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