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a bit about the future of Fullframe…


After yesterdays news about the discontinued [shoplink 3028]Sony A850[/shoplink] I got many mails from readers that asked me what will happen with Sony’s full-frame line. So here is the summary of what I know!

First of all Sony will not only keep but also reinforce the full-frame system. Until know we had the A850 and A900 which shared the same sensor and had only minor differences. We heard Sony is developing two full-frame sensors with two different resolutions. So there could be two new (and very different) full-frame cameras! Both will be announced in 2012.

I am also certain that all future FF cameras will use the translucent technology. I don’t believe Sony will use the hybrid technology from the [shoplink 6075]Fuji X100[/shoplink]. Would be amazing but technologically (and economically) almost impossible to realize.

And I also get many mails confirming to me that Zeiss is working very clsoe with Sony to develop new FF lenses.

Now let’s see how good the A77 will be. It will certainly be a good indication how terrific good the next FF cameras will be!

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