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A message from MXcamera (creator of electronic EF to E-mount adapters)


A couple of weeks ago I posted the video (you can see again here on top) showing a new Canon EF to NEX E-Mount adapter. It supports full electronic aperture and focus control on Canon EF lens! And finally you can find that adapter for sale on eBay (Click here). The makers of the adapter now contacted me and I am posting their message here:

We saw our product and video in your website! We are so happy about that!! We are now developing the Contax G to Sony NEX adapter with AF function and it is almost finish. We will update the information to you very soon.Some people email us about Nikon G to NEX (AF support) adapter. We will start this project around November(after Contax G to NEX AF adapter) and we think we will finish it before April 2013.”

It’s nice to have a direct contact with those guys. Usually we all have a bit of fear when buying expensive stuff from unknown Asian stores :)

Here are the contacts of the producer in case you want to get some more info:
eBay Store: zhuomingcamera.
YH Store :
Web Site :
face book:

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