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A message from MXcamera (creator of electronic EF to E-mount adapters)


A couple of weeks ago I posted the video (you can see again here on top) showing a new Canon EF to NEX E-Mount adapter. It supports full electronic aperture and focus control on Canon EF lens! And finally you can find that adapter for sale on [shoplink 14759 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink]. The makers of the adapter now contacted me and I am posting their message here:

We saw our product and video in your website! We are so happy about that!! We are now developing the Contax G to Sony NEX adapter with AF function and it is almost finish. We will update the information to you very soon.Some people email us about Nikon G to NEX (AF support) adapter. We will start this project around November(after Contax G to NEX AF adapter) and we think we will finish it before April 2013.”

It’s nice to have a direct contact with those guys. Usually we all have a bit of fear when buying expensive stuff from unknown Asian stores :)

Here are the contacts of the producer in case you want to get some more info:
eBay Store: [shoplink 14759 ebay]zhuomingcamera[/shoplink].
YH Store :
Web Site :
face book:

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