A Minolta inspiration idea for the Full Frame NEX :)


Imagine that camera…in E-mount :)  Image courtesy: Wikipedia.

Have a little dream, and I want to share it:
As I told you I have no doubt anymore that Sony will sooner (or later) release a new Full Frame E-mount camera. But not only the specs and tech inside the camera will be important also the design has to be perfect. And knowing that some Minolta engineers are still involved in Sony camera development and design I really hope they are going to take some inspiration from the Minolta CLE you see here on top! More nice body images can be found within that camera auction (Click here).

I owned one for quite some time (sold it after in favour of the Mamiya 7 a plastic camera but medum format). At the time of the presentation the CLE was the best M-mount camera. But what I like most is the compact size philosophy (it is the most compact M-mount camera), the zero compromise in body quality, the easy design and easy handling. Now imagine a FF NEX camera having the same simplicity. That would be a killer. And probably you would not have to dream the new Leica M anymore. Don’t you think?

The CLE still sells used on eBay (Click here to see all auctions). There were even some Gold editions (here on slidoo ebay). History about the camera can be found on Cameraquest and Camerapedia. MIntola acutions on eBay here on slidoo.