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A7r shutter vibration is a non-issue (test by Ferrell McCollough)


The shutter vibration measured by Beforethecoffee

There has been a great discussion about the possible Sony A7r vibration issue posted here on SAR by John Holmes. But SAR reader Ferrell McCollough doesn’t seem to see it this as a real issue. On Beforethecoffee (Click here) he writes:

“I found that there is no discernible difference between an image taken with a strobe while the shutter was open for 10 seconds ie. no shutter vibration and a normal exposure with shutter vibration. I checked with a 35mm FE lens and a Nikon 85mm 1.4 and metabones adapter. I also did not see any difference in the A7R mounted on a sturdy tripod or resting on a table top. Both had image quality matching the strobe image with no shutter vibration.
I feel very comfortable in my conclusion that the A7R is not losing image quality due to shutter vibration.

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