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AI imaging will change the way we work. My first attempts to merge it with real photos made with the Sony A7rV


I damn hate this AI tools. I hate it because it forces me to change view on how images are created, I hate it because it’s another step into a world were digital “fakes” will dominate authenticity. But I know there is nothing I can do to stop this.
Looking back, I hated the switch to digital photography, I hated to know that good Photoshoppers became more important than good Photographers, I hated the narcissism and lies of influencer photography.

The only good thing about AI photography is that it actually is the culmination of a decade long trend away from classic photography towards a completely “Imagined” one. The “Lie” finally becomes clear and obvious!
And don’t get me wrong, there can be good ART in this, but it’s not photography as we know it.

After playing for two months I feel like I learned the following:

  • Most “mass” photography will be replaced by AI imaging (Stock photography, social-viral shit, magazine and website photos and so forth)
  • Real photos will soon be edited through AI tools instead (or in combination) with classic Photoshop workflow tools
  • Authenticity might soon become even more valuable than before. Having a real hard proof of a photo (for example as a chemical film or polaroid) may be more appreciated than before.

So the upcoming months I will try to dig into those AI tools to learn how I can edit my Sony A7RV photos to create some different kind of imaginary. I will also shoot more with my Mamiya 7 as a silent sign of interior rebellion :)

I will show you my findings on my Youtube channel. So please subscribe if you are interested into wondering this deep Rabbit Hole!

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